Surgery Billing Services and Practice Management

The success and financial strength of your Surgery practice is a direct result of quality, timely billing and account reimbursement. With the recent changes in the surgical billing rules and reimbursement for certain surgical procedures including bundled payment rules and global surgery package by CMS Medicare and Medicaid, it has become critical for surgeons to hire a surgery billing company that has the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of Surgery Billing.

While these new regulations may seem extremely overwhelming for many Surgery practices, with a careful planning and practice analysis, it is entirely possible to manage a very successful surgery practice under the new bundled payments model and global surgery package.

GHMS provides Surgery Billing and Coding experts who ensure maximum allowable reimbursement for your practice. Having the knowledge and proficiency to handle complex billing and coding requirements set forth by Medicare, Medicaid and third party insurance companies, they know when and how to bill for procedures performed, including bilateral and multiple surgeries, co-surgeons and team surgeries.

Surgery Practice Analysis

Global Health Management Services provides a complimentary benchmark analysis that demonstrates the performance of your Surgery practice revenue in accordance with national and regional measures. Our courtesy evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment of each element of your Surgery revenue cycle, including the accuracy of your coding, billing and reimbursement practices.

A Global Health Executive Partner oversees the implementation of each client’s distinctive increase revenue plan, helping to maximize potential reimbursement.  Our extensive healthcare experience in analytical problem solving strategies in defined areas of your Surgery practice includes managed care payer contracts, hospital and healthcare facility partnership contracts, specialized Surgery billing, coding, claims appeals and AR management. Request a Surgery Benchmark Revenue Analysis.

GHMS also provides Surgery Practice Consulting services specializing in Surgery revenue analysisbilling, coding, AR management, credentialing, claims appeals, and payer contract negotiations.

Surgery Practice Management

Global Health offers a wide variety of Surgery Medical Billing and Practice Management services. To better customize the menu of benefits for your practice, our Surgery Practice Management Consultants conduct a complimentary comparison to demonstrate how your business compares with similar providers, practices and facilities. The practice analysis results provide the specifics for coordinating the most efficient and comprehensive strategy for increasing your revenue.

Clients are welcome to choose one or any combination of our Surgery Practice Management services.  Our informed recommendation, and the preference of the majority of our Surgery clients, supports the bundling of our Surgery practice management services to streamline the revenue cycle while reducing expenses.

Surgery Practice Management services:

  • AR Management
  • Claims Appeal Services
  • Surgery Practice Analytics
  • Surgery Billing
  • Surgical Procedure Coding by Certified Medical Coders
  • Medical Collections Services
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Payer Contracting Services
  • Payer Contract Negotiations

Surgery Specialty Medical Billing and Practice Management

At Global Health Management Services, we specialize in Medical Specialty Practices and Surgical Specialties offering prompt collection of maximum revenue while alleviating your practice challenges and lowering your expenses. We deliver a wide variety of medical and surgical billing and practice management services for specialty surgical practices with an emphasis on premier customer service.

With a combined experience of over five decades of serving the healthcare industry, Global Health Management Services has been helping surgeons, surgery group practices, and hospital owned surgeon groups with their medical billingmedical codingpractice management, claims appeals, A/R management, Healthcare Practice Analyticsmedical provider credentialing and managed care contract negotiations and has a proven track record of increasing the revenue of our partner surgical providers.

For more information on how Global Health Management Services can increase your Surgery revenue, contact our Surgery Billing and Practice Management consultants.

“Global Health has taken the work and worry of billing and collections out of my hands. As a physician, I want to focus on treating patients and their ills, not on haggling for another buck from their insurance carrier. Global allows me to be a physician, and do the job for which I was trained. For the price of an in-house coder, I get a fully trained team of professionals, dedicated to staying current on billing and coding trends, fully devoted to getting my practice the monies due for the work I have done. I have been fully satisfied with their service, and continually, happily surprised by their hometown, personal touch. Many thanks, Global Health, keep up the good work.”

James Kramer, MD, FACS
General Surgeon