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Practice Management Services = Maximized Revenue

We are focused on streamlining all medical billing procedures with an emphasis on premier customer service. Our team assures prompt collections emphasizing on maximum revenue with minimal stress.

Global Health offers a wide variety of medical billing and practice management services:

AR Management
Outstanding A/R Cleanup Services
Claims Appeal Services
Medical Billing
Healthcare Practice Analytics
Medical Coding Services
Medical Collections Services
Medical Provider Credentialing
Payer Contracting Services
Payer Contract Negotiations

Healthcare Business Intelligence = Total Practice Insight

Our exclusive cutting-edge dashboard technology, HELM, was conceived and developed in-house using our decades of experience in healthcare consulting, analytics and IT know-how. HELM utilizes data created and entered by a practice and payers to develop a visual of the overall practice health. This provides opportunities for achieving increased revenue, rules compliance, reduced operational costs and a multitude of benefits. Quickly zero in on trends that are causing collection issues in your practice and within days increase practice profits through:

AR Reimbursement Analysis
Workflow Analysis
Dashboard Reporting

Compliance Services = Value Based Healthcare Consulting

Compliance is more critical these days. Quality initiatives are changing rapidly. Payers are performing audits to check billing accuracy and provider coding compliance. Partnering with Global Health ensures that revenue is not at risk, documentation is compliant for MIPS and other quality care measures and the practice is protected from OIG audits. Receive the maximum reimbursement while remaining compliant. Global Health experts are proficient in the services that assure maximum reimbursement and compliance, including:

MIPS Consulting Services
Medical Coding Reviews
Cash Management Monitoring
HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Global Health HELM A/R Recovery Solutions, a Partnership To Quickly Collect Your Outstanding A/R

Client reimbursements dramatically improve and A/R is significantly reduced when using our HELM A/R Solutions. HELM reveals problems before they impact your bottom line, rapidly informing all staff of operations transparency for total office synchronicity.

Secure the peace of mind to focus on patient care. Contact Global Health now with the code AR-HELM to receive a complimentary consultation of your revenue cycle by one of our Certified Healthcare Business Management Executives.


Increase your revenue, lower your expenses and secure the peace of mind that frees you to focus on the well-being of your patients.
Medical Practice Revenue Experts

Global Health partners with providers to secure physician independence and self-determination for the delivery of premium quality patient care.

We offer physicians honest, trustworthy and unbiased feedback bundled with effective support services and transparency for navigating the healthcare business.

Whether or not you are using an EHR, our practice management system or anything in between, Global Health can provide as much or as little support as is needed.

With decades of experience exceeding expectations of scores of clients, Global Health Management Services is the answer to increasing cash flow while reducing operating costs so you can allocate money as you see fit.

Global Health Management Services

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Revolutionary dashboard technology, HELM, conceived and developed in-house, utilizes our decades of experience in healthcare consulting, analytics and IT know-how.

  • Guaranteed Increased Profits

    Quickly zero in on trends that are causing collection issues in your practice and within days increase practice profits.

  • Daily Data Gathering & Reporting

    Choose daily data gathering and reporting to meet required metrics or skeletal back-up only.

  • Customized Practice Solutions

    Receive customized solutions that meet needs specific to your specialty and practice.

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