Introducing HELM A/R Recovery Solutions, a Partnership To Quickly Collect Your Outstanding A/R. Global Health HELM Technology and AR Cleanup and Recovery Services deliver maximum revenue and efficient cost-cutting tools and solutions.

  • From front desk through insurance and patient follow-up, Global executives deliver proven A/R solutions developed over decades of experience.
  • The HELM puts your hard-earned data to work to reveal root causes and drive success, minimizing practice expenses and preventing revenue leaks.
  • A complete practice review of the HELM Business Intelligence analysis reveals problems before they impact your bottom line, rapidly informing all staff of billing and collections transparency for total office operations synchronicity.
  • Our A/R experts work your outstanding A/R accounts to redeem missing revenue, including from write-offs.
  • Global uses your medical billing system to build efficient collections models and to secure money owed to your medical practice.
  • Global provides the tools and knowledge to recover your A/R backlog. Our Certified Healthcare Business Management Executives will be overseeing your revenue cycle during the process and, if you choose, well after you’ve gained control. Experts are always available.
  • If your practice requires additional support due to attrition, vacation coverage or returning outstanding AR burdens, Global Health can quickly re-engage to stop any revenue leakage.

Global Health A/R Recovery Management Services:

  • A review of outstanding AR, including denied insurance claims, and provision of a medical A/R and medical coding review analysis.
  • In the case of medical coding compliance issues or delinquent insurance claims, our analysis offers an action plan to resolve the concerns.
  • To make accounts receivables a priority, we help your practice develop a culture of collections while you tend to your patients.
  • We define trends that cause outstanding AR in order to improve internal collection abilities.
  • We maximize revenue and reimbursement while training staff for more profitable collections.
  • Global reduces medical practice costs by helping billing and coding staff work smarter using monitoring tools and dashboards.
  • HELM technology provides billing and collections transparency to synchronize the entire scope of operational details with medical management and staff.

Our clients confirm that HELM AR Solutions dramatically improve reimbursements and significantly reduce A/R.

Secure the peace of mind to focus on patient care. Contact Global Health now with the code AR-HELM to receive a complimentary consultation of your revenue cycle by one of our Certified Healthcare Business Management Executives.

“We have been impressed with the dashboard reporting capabilities Global has provided. We have found that the dashboards provide a wealth of information that we previously did not have access to from our practice management’s canned reports. We have also been impressed with the ability to manipulate and customize the reports through the various selection and sorting capabilities built into them. Many of the reports provide information from a high level perspective as well as the ability to drill down to individual patient accounts, if needed. This allows us to observe trends over time, and a mechanism to dig into the data to discover contributing factors to changes in those trends. We have used the reports to evaluate and compare volumes and reimbursements, for specific time periods, as well as monitor provider productivity.”

Stephen Geesaman
Practice Manager
Fava & Maria Eye Associates
Lebanon, PA