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Medical Billing and Coding

Global Health Management Services excels in optimal medical billing and billing, is current with insurance specifications and regulations, ensures fees stay at the maximum allowable compensation and prevents claim suspensions or rejections. Global Health assures you receive the maximum reimbursement while remaining compliant.

Medical Billing

Medical Provider Credentialing

Credentialing is the foundation of your medical practice and should only be entrusted to experts in the field. Global Health Management Services relieves you of the labor intensive process of credentialing, a major component of your revenue cycle. We stabilize and increase your income in a timely manner, quickly credential you with the necessary payers and guarantee fair compensation from insurers.

Medical Provider Credentialing

Payer Contracting Negotiations

Most offices lose additional revenue of 10-30 percent because they do not have the time or the required expertise to renegotiate contracts with insurance payers. Global Health Management Services renegotiates for you during contract renewals and uses leverage points to maximize normal contract terms.

Payer Contracting Negotiations

A/R Management

Global Health generates prompt maximum payments while increasing practice and provider revenue through technological expertise, professional billing preparation and intensive A/R follow up and collection activity.

A/R Management

Compare Your Practice Today! At no cost to you, we will provide a benchmark of how well your practice should be performing.


We are experts at providing clients with prompt, maximum payments
while increasing practice and provider revenue.
Our Promise To You

With a combined experience of over five decades of serving the heathcare industry, Global Health Management has a proven track record of increasing the revenue of our partner medical providers and health care facilities.

We achieve signifcant increases in net collections and obtain cost reductions through improvements in internal processes.

Utilizing productive, innovative management and IT solutions, we develop profitable strategies for the management of the revenue cycle, including billing, credentialing, contracting, coding, accounts receivable and strategic planning.

Global Health Management Services

  • CERTIFIED MEDICAL CODERS Certified Medical Coders

    Resulting in accelerated revenue cycles and improved compliance.

  • Medical Provider CredentialingMedical Provider Credentialing

    Credentialing you with the necessary payers and guarantees fair compensation from insurers.

  • Complimentary Benchmark AnalysisComplimentary Benchmark Analysis

    Demonstrates the performance of your practice in accordance with national and regional measures.

  • Medical Specialty Practices Medical Specialty Practices

    Specializing in Medical Specialty Practices with prompt collection of maximum revenue while alleviating your challenges and lowering your expenses.

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