Dashboard Reporting – Business Intelligence for the Healthcare Industry

Data drives profit! Global Health provides Dashboard Reporting for medical providers and healthcare facilities offering valuable insights for optimizing efficiency and earnings.

Dashboard Reporting – Effective workflows and practice insight

Clinical Optimization

Global Health Dashboards give healthcare providers an enhanced view into each office practitioner and their performance within the practice.

Business Office Optimization

  • Global Health reviews trends in your practice that cause lost revenue affecting repeated delays in reimbursement from diagnosis issues, coding bundling and unbundling, schedule no-shows and schedule downtime that cause lost revenue.
  • Global Health optimizes staff productivity by identifying and acknowledging star clinical and operations performers, individuals needing further development and those depleting resources.
  • Let Global Health compare for you payers’ reimbursements against each of your major payers and demonstrate how this affects and translates into practice positive and negative payer cash flow.
  • Trend any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in your practice.