Outstanding A/R Cleanup Services

Outstanding AR Cleanup Services

Outstanding AR Cleanup - Outstanding A/R Clean up services provided by Global Health

Global Health Outstanding AR Cleanup services uses your medical billing system to build efficient collections models and to secure money owed to your medical practice.

We define trends that cause outstanding A/R so you can improve collection abilities internally.

Global Health will maximize your revenue and reimbursement per each case while re-training internal staff for more profitable collections.

Is your A/R outside of benchmarks?

To confirm your practice is in accordance with benchmarks for your medical practice specialty, contact Global Health today to receive a complimentary specialty benchmark measure.

Are delinquent insurance claims being successfully collected?

Timely filing and proper medical coding is crucial to a successful medical practice. Many insurance companies only have a 90 day timely filing limit. Therefore, it’s essential to quickly submit medical claims for payment, as well as appeal denied claims for reconsideration. If the medical practice AR backlog is high, these denied claims may not be refiled in a timely manner resulting in lost revenue for your practice.

To assure insurance claims are being successfully collected, Global Health will analyze and review your medical practice’s outstanding A/R including outstanding or denied insurance claims, then provide your practice with a Medical A/R review analysis including a medical coding review analysis.

If we discover medical coding compliancy issues or delinquent insurance claims, Global Health will provide a detailed analysis of the discrepancies along with a comprehensive plan of action to resolve the coding and compliance concerns which includes the information needed for outstanding insurance claims to be refiled with the proper documentation and information needed to receive maximum payment.

Are patient account balances being effectively managed?

An AR backlog can have devastating effects on your medical practice’s bottom line. To insure the timely payment and proper management of patient balances, contact Global Health today for a complimentary consultation on how to effectively manage patient accounts.

If your bad debt is over 2%, you are most likely leaving money on the table.

With profit margins diminishing over the past few years, healthcare providers cannot afford bad debt to impact the practice. Utilize Global Health Business Intelligence, a proven and unique toolset to help reduce uncollected accounts.

Watch-The-Shop – Global Health Business Intelligence Monitoring Dashboard

With Global Health Outstanding AR Cleanup Services, we reduce medical practice costs and help your billing and coding staff work smarter to optimize your medical business office by utilizing “Watch-The-Shop”, Global Health Business Intelligence’s monitoring tools and dashboards providing billing and collections transparency within your medical practice.

Feel confident in being able to review the entire scope of operational details with your medical management team and staff so you are all synchronized.

Contact Global Health Medical Management today and get your our medical practice AR back on track with Global Health Outstanding A/R Clean Up Services.