4 Strategies for “Medical Necessity” Denial Prevention

  Denials are inevitable, but the key to those pesky denials piling up and costing practices valuable time and money is prevention. Now let’s get something out in the open right away, there will never be a time when denials will stop occurring; however, getting a low percentage of denials is attainable. Fact: 20% of[…]

Data Analytics and hand

Data Drives Profit – Performing a Revenue Analysis – MGMA19

  MGMA19 Financial Conference is coming in March. I’ll be speaking on how data drives profit and how to perform a revenue analysis for your practice. Below is MGMA’s podcast regarding the financial conference and my presentation. In this 15 minute podcast I review some of the Key Performance Indicators I’ll be discussing in Las[…]

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Lowering Medical Practice AR With Minimal Spending

“I’m concerned about leaving money on the table, so how do I get my A/R down and turn that A/R into money in the bank?” Earlier today, a practicing physician came to me and asked me a common and relevant question I hear all of the time. Chances are, if I’m hearing the question more[…]

Claim Denied

Implementing Denial Prevention

Fact: Every medical organization has experienced those pesky claim denials. Medical claim denials are a hassle and can often lead to financial difficulties. The good news is, many medical denials can be prevented and can be easily avoided. Approximately 90% of denials within any healthcare organization are preventable. The bad news is, there will always[…]